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Wake Buys Joel

We missed this earlier this week and it's a fairly important story: Wake Forest is going to buy Joel Coliseum from the city of Winston-Salem.

And what a deal they got - arenas are not cheap these days. Wake bought Joel for $8 million. They could invest $25 million in renovations and still come out way ahead.

Cameron is a bit different because the whole point of the building is tradition and continuity. Who cares if the seats are designed for skinny butts from the 1940s? They're all great.

In places like Joel, or the new Thriller Dome or most new arenas, the focus is on sight lines, comfortable seats, amenities and, increasingly, technology.

As a smaller school, Wake has to find ways to keep up. We'll be interested to see what they come up with. For instance, they could install rubber rooms for next season so that the fans who are rebelling will have a place to go if the team tanks again.