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Ten Bids?

It was almost a tossaway, but at the end of his press conference, Coach K suggested that the ACC could get double-digit bids to the tournament. Let's take a look at that.

You can be pretty sure that Duke, UNC, Syracuse and Notre Dame will make the field. Virginia has the potential for a breakout year. Maryland should be reasonably good. Pitt we're not sure about - they lose a lot - but Jamie Dixon knows how to get to the tournament (success there is another issue).

That's seven, so who else is he thinking could make it? We'd say BC might - the young team took some lumps over the last two years and are ready to take off.

That leaves State, Wake, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Miami, Virginia Tech and Clemson.

State has a fairly good roster but a lot of new players and again, depth is an issue. Wake might break through and Georgia Tech is not that far. We have no feel yet for FSU's team. Clemson, Miami and Virginia Tech are in full rebuilding mode.