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Presser Called For Thursday, K Return To Olympics Official

The official announcement will come tomorrow, but there's no question who will be coaching the U.S. in Rio: the same guy who coached in London and Beijing, Mike Krzyzewski.

You can count Kevin Love among his supporters:

"I’ve really enjoyed my time playing under Coach K in the World Championships and the Olympics and developing a relationship with him,” Love said. “It’s been really great. So, I’m really hoping he does come back. If he’s there and needs support, I’ll be there to help him any way I can."

Although the headline says that LeBron James won't commit, that's not exactly correct: what he says is that he'd love to, but he has to stay healthy. He'll be 30 in Rio. We take his point.

He also says this: "I think it’s great. What he means to USA Basketball is beyond just what we do on the court. It’s what we stand for as Americans and being proud to wear the red, white and blue every time we step off the bus or go to practice or talk to the media or whatever the case may be."

The nice thing is that even if he doesn't go, the way things have been developed, they can still take a tremendous team.