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Lottery Time!

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The NBA draft lottery, one of the more unusual and interesting events in sports, will take place Tuesday night.

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The top five teams, one of whom will pick first, will be Orlando (25%), Charlotte (19.9%), Cleveland (15.6%), Phoenix (11.9%) and New Orleans (8.8%).

Nerlens Noel is generally seen as the likely top pick and it'd be really interesting if he ended up in either N.O. or Cleveland. With the Pelicans, he and Anthony Davis would form the basis of a dynamic young frontcourt.

Cleveland could provide him a young and superb backcourt with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters. Young prospects Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller can provide the core of a superb running team. Zeller has taken heat for not defending the inside well, but he runs beautifully for a big man.

And the Bobcats/Hornets? Well, they can use whatever help they can get. Either Noel, Ben McLemore or Otto Porter would be a huge asset, and Alex Len might not be bad either. Trey Burke or Victor Olodipo might work out reasonably well.