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Bobcats To Hornets? Cooooool

It's oddly exciting to think of the Charlotte Hornets returning(if you haven't heard, Charlotte is going to reclaim the nickname as it's been given up by the newly named New Orleans Pelicans).

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Let's face it - the Bobcats never really fully took hold here. It wasn't their fault entirely. The reason the Hornets left town was because, frankly, George Shinn had run out of people to irritate. The city turned its back on him, much more than it did on the team.

There was a love affair with the Hornets though, and hard though it is to remember, Shinn was a hero. There were murals, if you can believe it. The Hornets were huge.

We hope that the new Hornets can recapture some of the magic. It was a great time in North Carolina sports.