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Wake Fans Continues To Rebel

As Wake fans continue to campaign against their coach and A.D., they've taken out a billboard.

While we can identify with the frustration of losing, doesn't this seem kind of arrogant?

"To date, we haven't received a single reply from Wellman, the athletic department, or the administration. This is very odd considering that 90 percent of the fan base wants Bzdelik gone. It's even more insulting given the fact that Wellman wants us to donate to the Deacon Club, renew season tickets, and help fund the cost of buying and renevating the Joel.

"All would have been forgiven had he done the right thing and fired Bzdelik at the end of the year, however, he boxed us into a corner and we had to take the next step. Ron Wellman has clearly brought this on himself and needs to be relieved of his duties."

That's a Facebook post by Wake fan Brian Stratton, a guy with more money than sense.