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K's Big Year

According to USAToday, Coach K made nearly $10 million dollars last year, which leads quickly to the standard question: are coaches overpaid?

As Larry King used to say, no one is overpaid: you get what you're worth. And it's fair to say that to Duke, Coach K is worth a lot.

Not only is he on the short list of all-time greatest coaches, he came to Duke right about the time ESPN exploded. By last year, his work with the US Olympic team spread Duke's name world-wide - again. His timing, though unintentional, could not have been better.

He's the greatest ambassador the university has.  Today Duke is know around the world and gets students from all four corners. Much of that awareness is due to Duke basketball. So yes, as a global figure, as a university ambassador, he's worth it. Probably more.