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Wiggins: Tuesday

The anticipation is going to get really intense Monday until lunchtime Thursday: Andrew Wiggins will announce on Tuesday at 12:15.

True to form, there's no big production. It'll just be friends and family and classmates.

Pretty low key; the response surely won't be.

It'll be interesting to see if he lives up to expectations: Canadian basketball has gotten radically better over the past decade or so.

In an Olympic cycle or two, their national team could boast Anthony Bennett, Tyler Ennis, Myck Kabongo, Dwight Powell, Robert Sacre, the Bhullar brothers (the massive Indian-born twins just establishing themselves), Kris Joseph and Kelly Olynyk.

And of course, Wiggins.

That might not match LeBron & co., or Kyrie & co., but it ain't exactly chicken feed, either. That group could play with most international teams.