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Some Reactions To The Rule Recommendations

Although he was pushing for a 30 second clock he didn't get, Michigan State's Tom Izzo is mostly happy with the new rule recommendations, particularly the charge/block fix.

Rick Pitino too says "Jay Bilas is right. If we want to get back, take a page out of the NBA. Have freedom of movement."

A lot of people who watch the game closely love seeing great defense, but for the most part, people want to see the ball go through the hoop, preferably after a spectacular move. You can count ESPN among these.

Eric Crawford, who covers Louisville for WDRB, goes a bit further, recommending 10 more changes he believes would help, among them reviving quarters, which were apparently used from 1951-54.

It's worth talking about, particularly if you reduce timeouts (as he also suggests) and move media timeouts to the quarter breaks. Why not? All it does is concentrate the commercials in predictable spots. As it is now, we do them every four minutes. Quarters make more sense and also give better bathroom breaks.

We also like his idea of resetting the clock to 20 seconds after a foul in the frontcourt.