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Barry Jacobs On Double-Dip Winners

Digestion of the results of the 2013 men's basketball season continues, even as play finally has come to an end.

For instance, we're not quite finished contemplating the snub delivered to Miami by the NCAA tournament selection committee. By now you probably have the details memorized - the Hurricanes were the first ACC team to finish alone in first, then to win the ACC Tournament without being accorded a No. 1 seed in the NCAAs.

So, was the Canes' second seed unfair and disrespectful, both to Jim Larranaga's squad and to the ACC? Did it matter?

The view here is that it probably didn't matter. Of the top 12 seeds in the 2013 NCAA field, only Louisville reached the Final Four. The Cardinals in fact were the only No. 1 seed to get to the national semifinals.

That's nothing new - the last time more than one top seed reached the Final Four was 2009.

Not to mention, Miami was only the seventh ACC team in the era of seeding the NCAA field that qualified as both the league's undisputed regular-season leader and its official champ. Hardly a huge sample.

Over the years, a third of all ACC Tournament champions also finished alone in first place during the regular season, Miami among them.

Two members of that fairly exclusive group were ineligible for NCAA tournament play because they were on probation. Both were N.C. State squads. Eleven more played prior to the onset of seeded NCAA fields in 1979.

That leaves seven modern ACC teams that were dual champs. Of that group, three of the last four - Duke in 2000 and 2006, and Miami in 2013 - were eliminated in the Sweet 16. Beyond that trio, all 15 eligible dual ACC leaders advanced at least to the Final Four.

Eight of 15 got to the championship game or won the NCAA title outright.

NCAA Fate of ACC Teams That Finis hed In First Place
During Regular Season, Then Won ACC Tournament

Year ACC Tourn.
Reg. Season
NCAA Result
2013* Miami Miami Sweet 16
2010 Duke Tie first Champion
2008* UNC UNC Final Four
2007 UNC Tie first Elite Eight
2006* Duke Duke Sweet 16
2001 Duke Tie first Champion
2000* Duke Duke Sweet 16
1999* Duke Duke Final
1995 Wake Tie first Sweet 16
1992* Duke Duke Champion
1986* Duke Duke Final
1985 Ga. Tech Tie first Elite Eight
1982 UNC Tie first Champion
1979 UNC Tie first 0-1
1977* UNC UNC Final
1974* NC State NC State Champion
1973* NC State NC State Probation
1972* UNC UNC Final Four
1969* UNC UNC Final Four
1968* UNC UNC Final
1967* UNC UNC Final Four
1966* Duke Duke Final Four
1964* Duke Duke Final
1963* Duke Duke Final Four
1962* Wake Wake Final Four
1959 NC State Tie first Probation
1957* UNC UNC Champion
1956 NC State Tie first 0-1
1955* NC State NC State P:robation
*  Won ACC Tournament and finished alone in first.