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A Brilliant Piece On An Incredible Young Man

As we go through life, we periodically come across remarkable people. Some are even inspirational, some a bit more than that even.

For our money, you're not going to get much better than Raleigh's Ray King.

You may remember his story: suffering from leukemia in high school, he refused to stop playing sports. When the Make A Wish Foundation offered him a wish, he first asked to meet LeBron James but then changed his mind and bought his whole high school lunch from Chik-Fil-A because, he said, they'd stuck by him and he wanted to thank them (he did get to meet LeBron later, who told King that he was his hero).

Now he's a student at NCCU, a basketball walk-on, and while his life is far from easy, the guy is not giving up or giving in. His coach rightly sees him as a treasure and he's right. Ray King is as good a man as you'll find in this life.

By the way, this story is very, very well written. Please read it; you'll be glad you did.