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State Gets A Commitment, Roster Firming Up

State got a commitment from 6-8 Oak Hill forward Lennard Freeman. This means State will enter next year with five freshmen, two sophomores, a JUCO transfer and Ralston Turner, a junior transfer from LSU. Jordan Vandenberg will be the lone senior and while he may be able to help in practice, he hasn't been much use to date in games.

Nonetheless, State has a young but talented team. They're at least two deep in the backcourt, they have a couple of guys who can play guard and small forward, and three young big guys. And except for Vandenberg, they're all Gottfried's guys. And he still has four scholarships in his pocket.

This is also worth noting: State used to recruit very well in Northern Virginia and D.C. and had a great relationship with DeMatha back in the day. With Cat Barber, Lennard Freeman and BeeJay Anya, at least in recruiting that goldmine, the Pack is back.

  • Tyler Lewis
  • Jordan Vandenberg
  • T.J. Warren
  • Ralston Turner
  • Desmond Lee
  • BeeJay Anya
  • Kyle Washington
  • Anthony Barber
  • Lennard Freeman