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Rice Cooked At Rutgers

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No great surprise of course after everything that's happened since ESPN released the Rutgers practice tapes yesterday but coach Mike Rice is now former coach Mike Rice.

The litany of physical and verbal abuse created a firestorm, with Gov. Chris Christie expressing outrage and at least one legislator threatening to eliminate Rice's salary. We've followed various situations like this over the years and we can never remember such unanimity after something like this coming to light.

Now the question is: who else gets canned? The A.D. and president both saw the video months ago and allowed him to keep working. Will they be forced out as well? Could get interesting.

It occurred to us, as soon as we heard this, that the timing in one sense was awful: there's no doubt that this would be a brilliant job for either Bobby or Danny Hurley, who would be positioned like no one else to capitalize on the immense talent available in their native state.

Next on the firing line? Maybe someone at Rice.