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Good Recruiting Stuff From The Chronicle

Here's some good recruiting stuff from the Chronicle, including an update on good buddies Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones, an interview with Jones, an update on Justise Winslow,  and finally, a farewell column from Sports Editor Andrew Beaton.

Like any student paper, the Chronicle has had ups and downs over the years. At times it has been run by people who are very smart but of limited imagination or passion. In recent years, it distinguished itself by pursuing the truth in the lacrosse case, by being skeptical when nearly every other news outlet was persecuting the players rather than seeking the answers which eventually became irrefutable.

The sports page has been pretty solid and has been very good under Beaton indeed. We'd be willing to argue that given the combination of outstanding coverage and several impressive scoops, that it's as solid as it has been since John Feinstein's day.

Feinstein's great gifts are his instantly identifiable voice and a surpassing confidence. He has many others as well, but we're guessing that he would agree with us that humility is not necessarily high on the list.

Beaton has many gifts as well including a bit of humility, a strong voice and the demonstrated ability to outwork many of his professional colleagues. If he chooses to pursue sports journalism professionally, he'll do well.