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John Swofford, Thinking Large

We didn't see this the other day, but it's interesting and worth talking about: the ACC is looking into having football and basketball games in Europe.

John Swofford told Dennis Dodd that "We need to think big. One of the things we brought up to our schools last week was we may play football, we may play basketball in Europe. Across the pond, so to speak...The NFL is going to London, as is the NBA with some regularity. The Olympics are so successful over there. Basketball is an international sport. Football is not, but there is a growing interest in it in Great Britain...When you look at this collection of schools and markets, all our institutions are international in one degree or another."

We're sure there's a lot there, but the average fan won't be able to attend, and that's something to keep in mind as the ACC tries to "think big." NASCAR could tell you a thing or two about alienating their fans by getting too big time.