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Swofford On A Roll

Here's an article from breaking down what has happened to the ACC recently. It points out, as we have previously, that the ACC is in superb shape demographically, and goes on to enumerate John Swofford's run lately. It also talks about the potential ACC Network.

We're not as sold on that. There are a bunch of college networks already - the Big Ten's, the one Texas is struggling with, and the SEC's is on the way.

If we're John Swofford, and far-sighted, we're looking at the changes in television. We're looking at a new interface - we can't remember which cable company unfortunately - where instead of channels shows are presented with an app metaphor. We're looking at the potential Apple TV, and we're thinking of Duke-UNC or Louisville-Syracuse as an app on that screen.

If people continue to flee the bloated cable and satellite networks, we're not sure that's the place to be anyway. But showing up as the exclusive college app on a television that upends the current model - that's a great place to be.