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The A.A.C. Could Do Something Very Cool Out Of The Gate

In recent years, post-season play has increasingly gone to domes. This, along with the mandated timeouts at 4:00 minute intervals not to mention the media timeouts, has really changed the character of post-season play. Toss in the bad habit of endless fouling in the last two minutes and it's not nearly as much fun.

The newly formed American Athletic Conference can't do anything about the latter two issues, but they've shown some keen imagination by at least considering staging their tournament in the Palestra, which is is 86 years old and seats a modest 8,722.

This is somewhat like holding it in Hinkle or Cameron or Reynolds, except that the Palestra has never been identified with one school: it's been common ground for Philadelphia's Big Five.

Fans are really right on top of the court. Having a tournament there would be a master stroke and Louisville in this environment, if only for one year, would alone be worth the price of admission.