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Senior Co-Captains Share MVP Award At Basketball Banquet

The basketball banquet was held Friday night and Seth Curry, Ryan Kelly and Mason Plumlee were named co-winners of the Swett-Baylin MVP Award.

Kelly was named Duke's Best Defensive Player while Josh Hairston got the True Blue Award for getting pounded on charges the most.

Plumlee also won our favorite award, the Dr. Deryl Hart Award for the Top Scholar-Athlete.

Here's the full list from

2012-13 Duke Basketball Award Winners
Swett-Baylin Award (MVP) – Seth Curry, Ryan Kelly, Mason Plumlee
Bill Krzyzewski Captains Award – Seth Curry, Ryan Kelly, Mason Plumlee
Dr. Deryl Hart Award (Top Scholar-Athlete) - Mason Plumlee
Glenn E. "Ted" Mann Award (Reserve Contributing Most to Team Morale) – Tyler Thornton
Pagliuca Family Coach's Award (Player Exemplifying the Commitment and Values of Duke Basketball while Displaying Overall Improvement) – Seth Curry
Iron Duke Award (Most Minutes Played) – Mason Plumlee
True Blue Award (Most Charges Taken) – Josh Hairston
Best Field Goal Percentage – Mason Plumlee
Best Free Throw Percentage - Seth Curry
Best Defensive Player – Ryan Kelly
Best Rebounding Average - Mason Plumlee
Most Assists – Quinn Cook
Gopal Varadhan Manager Award - Kyle Mumma, Kate Wheelock, John McGinty
Harry Rainey Spirit Award - Larissa Musgrave
Charles Hogan Memorial Band Award - Katie Harper