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Enfield Takes His Chance

If we were  a USC basketball fan (one of the 12 or so), we'd be very happy and intrigued with the signing of Andy Enfield from FGCU.

But as more general fans, we're wondering why he signed on with what has always been a basketball wasteland and second banana in LA.

Or worse than that once you start counting the Lakers, Dodgers, Clippers and so on.

On the other hand, there's no question that Enfield accomplished miracles at FGCU, and certainly his style is appealing, and he is a native Californian (correction: we had read that he was from California, but we understand that's not correct. He's from Pennsylvania).

In fact, if he can approximate this spring's success, USC could become more popular than UCLA. And there's no denying the appeal of his style to recruits, and Southern California is a tremendous place to recruit.

Still, we think he could have done better. Although New Mexico is likely to pick Craig Neal, he'd have been huge there: the only show in town and a recruiting magnet. The Pit would have been insane.

But USC it is. It'll be an interesting experiment. And obviously if it doesn't work out, he's got a private fortune to fall back on.

And needless to say, his wife, Amanda, will fit in well in Los Angeles.