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A Minor Setback For Colllins & Northwestern

Chris Collins had his first setback at Northwestern as Jaren Sina, a well-regarded point guard who had committed to Bill Carmody and the previous regime, changed his mind and will now be at Seton Hall.

Not coincidentally, the main guy working Sina was new assistant Freddie Hill, who previously recruited Sina for Carmody.

It's a hit, but Collins was well regarded as a recruiter at Duke. He'll find his guys.

Speaking of Collins, he sang the national anthem at the Cubs game on Thursday and, we have to say, revealed a better singing voice than Coach K demonstrated at Wrigley a while back.

Sina probably wouldn't be going to the Hall if Aquille Carr hadn't decided to pursue a pro career out of high school.

Carr, a spectacular talent out of Baltimore, will likely play somewhere overseas, following in the footsteps of Brandon Jennings. But Jennings, like a lot of people, is skeptical, telling Dave Telep that "[i]t's a totally different game. If you look at his highlights, he's really flashy. Over there, they don't really play that. They're about getting the job done and getting wins.

"If he plays at the top level, I don't know how much playing time you're really going to get. Their point guards over there are making starting point guard money in the NBA. They're all about winning."

What a lot of people don't get is that when high school players opt to go pro overseas, their maturity is tested as much, if not more, than their games. Carr has demonstrated a significant amount of immaturity. He'll be tested, to say the least.