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Here's an article from the Syracuse paper about Tamir Goodman, the player once called "the Jewish Jordan," who is no longer playing but rather working as a coach and a motivational speaker.

There's a grievous error in this article, an absolute howler. Can you spot it? Shouldn't take too long:

"Goodman was a top-ranked high school recruit and went on become the first Jewish basketball player to play D-1 college, playing at Towson University."


Red Auerbach, Red Holzman, Nat Holman, Rudy LaRusso, Dolph Schayes, Lenny Rosenbluth, Larry Brown, Art Heyman, Ernie Grunfeld and Bob Fleischer, and that's not even trying hard.  Heck, Schayes played at Syracuse, as, apparently, did a considerable number of other Jewish hoopsters.

Perhaps the writer meant first Orthodox Jew?