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Kyrie Hearts Duke

The N&O has a column up on Kyrie Irving and his deep ties to Duke, despite only playing one season and 11 games. One of the great regrets of our Duke fandom is not seeing him play more. His greatness was obvious from the start.  It's great to see that he still has ties to the program.

It'll be interesting to see who Cleveland picks up in the draft to help Irving. Barring a trade, the Cavs will have a high pick once the lottery sorts things out plus two early second round picks.

If they get lucky they might be able to draft Nerlens Noel, although he may be a risk post-injury. The best high pick for the Cavs, though, might be Otto Porter.

That would put a talented, high IQ player in the Cleveland frontcourt which would be a huge asset.

They also have the 17th pick and could pick up an intriguing prospect like Rudy Gobert.

Useful players like Adreian Payne and Trevor Mbakwe may still be around for second picks. It could be a nice draft for the Cavs.