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Bullock Picks NBA; McAdoo stays in Chapel Hill

On Tuesday, Carolina had a bit of a rollercoaster ride as Reggie Bullock made it official and declared for the NBA. Later in the evening, James Michael McAdoo said that while he wanted to be in the NBA eventually, for now he was happy being a college kid and would be staying.

In between, UNC had the annual basketball banquet. Quite a day, all things considered.

As for the two decisions, they are (likely) necessarily different. Bullock spoke a while ago about a hard upbringing in Kinston and also has a child. He may or may not make the NBA; at this point, he's at best a late first-round pick and many expect him to fall to the second.

McAdoo's path has been a bit easier.

Bullock would have profited from another year in school, but this year's draft is very thin. Next year's won't be.

McAdoo's stock should rise as UNC's big men improve. He was forced to play out of position in the post a lot last year; as a power forward, he'll have some chances to really shine.

Bullock made a business and family decision. Even if he doesn't make the NBA, he can make a solid living for quite some time in various leagues around the world.

It's a bit of a risky move, but so is coming back, at least in terms of his draft prospects. We hope it works out. He still needs some rough edges sanded down.

As for the program, if Andrew Wiggins decides to go to Chapel Hill, his playing time just went up, not that it matters. He's far superior to Bullock. It'd be a tremendous upgrade.