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Hurley Sr. Mulls Rutgers; Rutgers Set To Blow It Again

One of the more interesting things to come up this early post-season is that Bob Hurley, if only hypothetically (his word), is for the first time seriously considering a college job - that job being Rutgers.

On the plus side: he would get to "stabilize" the program and let the kids get back to being student athletes instead of a sideshow. Since a couple of his former players are at Rutgers you can see the lure.

But aside from that, his wife and daughter are pushing him to do it. He'd certainly get a nice  raise, which never hurts. And perhaps, though he's never said this, he really would like to measure himself against coaches on the next level. What do you suppose a coach with his accomplishments and confidence thought when he sat with Mike Krzyzewski  and PJ Carlesimo and the others as they recruited his sons? We're pretty sure that he would on some level think "you're not any better than I am," and he's probably right. And to get a chance, late  in his career, to prove it?

It's bound to be tempting.

Watching a college game with Hurley might not be pleasant. He'd spot the weak guys, the slackers, the ones who aren't up to his standards of toughness. As ruthless as he is as a coach - and  that's a great compliment - he wouldn't miss much.

And his long-term love affair with St. Anthony's? He said he feels some guilt over possibly "abandoning" his seniors, but whenever he stops coaching that'll happen. He can't stay with them forever, though we suspect he'd like to.

The thing about Hurley, a parole officer in his day job, is that he's inserted himself at two points of reclamation: first, finding kids who are hungry for success and accomplishment and channeling their energies in a healthy direction, and secondly, getting the kids who he couldn't help as teenagers and trying to help them rise above their criminal past.

Coach K has always been brutally honest with his players; we're guessing Hurley is no less so with his charges, whether on court or in court or after court. He's saved a lot of young men, turned a lot of lives around. Rutgers might be tempting, but that sort of...mission is hard to walk away from.

On the positive side, he could reasonably make enough money to donate quite a bit to St. Anthony's, which, despite his remarkable successes, is never far from bankruptcy.

It'd be a nice touch if he saved lives and the school as well. Toss in saving the Rutgers program and his coaching career is the greatest second job of all time.

Whatever he decides, our admiration for Hurley is bottomless. He's a great man, and we don't say that lightly. Rutgers would be nuts not to pursue this, but sadly, the school has a long history of foolish decisions, and they may be about to do it again: looks like they've offered the job to Eddie Jordan.