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Leslie Follows Brown To NBA

It's hard to imagine what people are thinking sometimes. Take CJ Leslie, for instance.

Leslie announced Monday that he is off to the NBA - this despite a reputation for fading out in games, for inconsistent play and for tuning out coaches who criticize him. has him at #27, going to Denver and George Karl. Hoopsworld has him at #27 going to the Clippers. Obviously someone got the teams flipped but low first round is not much comfort. CBS has him at #50.

There are no guarantees in other words, and no one is betting that he'll make it on hard work and effort. There are guys like that, Joe Dumars for instance. He was a very skilled guard but not a freakish athlete.

If he's not a first-round pick, he'll end up somewhere in the Smoking Leagues, where he'll dominate physically but will again not come close to his potential.

Look, we can understand if he's not big on school or if he thinks he's outgrown college basketball. Fine. But he's in no way prepared for the NBA and unless he makes some very fundamental changes, certainly won't be there for long.