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Maryland's Move: Second Thoughts

Although largely unseen by the public, behind the scenes, Maryland's transition to the Big Ten has been tumultuous. Latest news and a DBR exclusive: under pressure from irate alumni and legislative threats to withhold funds, the Maryland Board of Trustees is expected to vote, as early as Monday, to rescind the decision to leave the ACC and join the Big Ten and will immediately request readmittance to the ACC.

Several ACC schools, led by Duke, UNC and Virginia, are expected to mount vehement opposition. Maryland may be forced to compete as an independent in 2014, and possibly as early as next season.

Bernadette V. McGlade, commissioner of the A-10, may offer a lifeline and invite Maryland to compete in that league, although that will leave their football program out in the cold.

On the bright side, with wins scarce and attendance sparse, it's very possible no one will notice.

We'll have more on this story as it develops. Or not - April Fool's!