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Lewis Taunt Story Simply Untrue

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The N&O's Laura Keeley says it didn't happen and she can't find anyone who heard it.  Fayetteville's Brett Strelow agrees. It wasn't on the cheer sheets either.

There may have been a couple of jackasses who had their first drinks or something, but a mass cheer? Simply didn't happen. The shame of it is that it overshadows a wonderful performance by Lewis, who showed that, yes, he does belong at this level.

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Being a Duke fan means a certain amount of nonsense, including stuff like this: we can't say for sure that no one in the crowd shouted "how's your grandma" at Tyler Lewis, referring to his grandmother who died recently, but we were there and didn't hear anything of the sort. Moreover, if anything like that had been heard, Coach K would have jumped up, waved "no" to the crowd and it would've stopped.

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We know that because we've seen it when he's heard something he didn't like and having lost his own mother, as well as being sensitive to charges about crowd behavior, he's not likely to tolerate that.

The Chronicle responds by saying that the guy making the accusation, Alex Lewis, wasn't at the game, which is a fair point, and that what the crowd was chanting was "past your bedtime," which sort of went along with the Bilbo Baggins taunt making fun of Lewis's height.

Not that anything the crowd did mattered to Lewis. He was the one player who really kept State in the game in the first half and filled in ably for Lorenzo Brown, who sat the game out with an ankle injury.

By the way, a poem CJ Leslie wrote for class is making the rounds. As far as the writing goes, it's much better than Steve Blake's classic "Happy Day At Rockets."

Okay, on reflection, maybe not. But it does fit in with recent events at State. Call Bingo, Calvin!