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ACC Roundup

There's a great scene at the end of Finding Nemo where the various sea creatures have escaped from the fishtank and are in the ocean in plastic bags. Thrilling, but after a few minutes, they start to ask: what now?

Teams Times TV
Wake Forest @ Florida State 9:00 PM ESPNU
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Miami 13-1 .929 22-4 .846
Duke 11-3 .786 24-3 .889
North Carolina 9-5 .643 19-8 .704
Virginia 9-5 .643 19-8 .704
NC State 8-6 .571 19-8 .704
Maryland 7-7 .500 19-8 .704
Florida State 6-8 .429 14-13 .519
Clemson 5-9 .357 13-13 .500
Wake Forest 5-9 .357 12-14 .462
Georgia Tech 4-10 .286 14-12 .538
Boston College 4-10 .286 12-15 .444
Virginia Tech 3-11 .214 12-15 .444

After Wake's big upset over Miami, they're asking similar questions as a trip to Florida State looms.

Can they build on that amazing win? Can they win a road game, finally?

They won at BC last year, when the Eaglets had about 100 freshmen, but didn't win on the road the year before at all.

Well, in conference that is. But that's what matters, really.

Florida State is weak enough, surprisingly so really, that Wake certainly could win.

Obviously they beat them senseless in Winston-Salem, winning by 25.

On the other hand, they surely haven't forgotten that beating, so stay tuned.

By the way, after their loss at Wake, Miami fell to #5 nationally.

If talk radio is a reasonable way to judge, State fans are getting fed up with their team. Caller after caller told various local hosts today that (and we paraphrase loosely) Mark Gottfried can't coach, he's not fiery enough, that State lacks passion, that CJ Leslie was just a no-talent bum with talent.

And what could be worse than that?

By the way, we're sure we can remember anyone calling him Calvin. Apparently after a bad outing, he's CJ again.

The giddiness over the idea that State would rule the ACC once again, after a generation or two of not doing so, has faded, and the more traditional (at least in recent decades) carping has returned in full force.

Meanwhile, in Chapel Hill, a sense that things have been set right prevails.

It's pretty interesting.

State still has a chance to make this a special season, but people should remember that this is just Gottfried's second season after all. When you stop and think about it, he's really done pretty well, even with the pressure of expectations.