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Gloria Borges, Kicking Butt Again

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You may remember Gloria Burges: she's a Dukie and a DBR reader who was diagnosed with cancer. We've spoken of her several times.

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What impresses us about her is not just that she's fighting like hell but that she has a phenomenal attitude. Gloria is as cheerful and full of life as anyone could possibly hope to be. She's not yielding an inch.

Anyway, she has set up a foundation to help fight colon cancer and started a new initiative called the Wunder Project. They plan to raise $250 million to help find a cure. If you've seen any of our previous posts about her, you know it's foolish to bet against her.

They've posted a film which is definitely worth watching.

Honest to God, we have the coolest readers. Being able to admire people like this is a hell of a perk.