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From The Mailbag - How You Guys Catch Duke Games When They're Hard To Find On TV

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We got a lot of great responses to our query about how people who aren't local get to see Duke games. Richard Abernathey is particularly ingenious: not only is he kind enough to offer to to install Sling for someone, he also recommends Sirius/XM, which carries all the games, and even Skyping with the camera pointed at a TV. That's a really interesting idea actually. We tested it slightly. It works to an extent, but we had a lot of jerkiness. Obviously results may vary. You might try it if you have a late-model phone or tablet and a good connection with nothing else happening: it might work reasonably well. Rights holders may well tell you that this is not acceptable; we wouldn't have any idea.

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Here are the main options, with details below, including a few web sites and forums that give more tips:


The video feed on

The video/radio feed on (Inside Access).

You had asked what guys like me do when there is a Duke game not televised in my area. First let me say that I am an Iron Duke and I live in Southern New Jersey and have a season center court seat in Cameron. I manage to make the 400 mile trip about 12 times a year. Often as was the other night for the Wake game only ACC network was available. Well, that lets me out. ESPN said the game was available on ESPN3 but by the time I downloaded the necessary Adobe Flash the game was half over and I never could get it working correctly anyway. I have a good friend who lives in Durham and she was texting me the score now and then. Also I had to rely on the little strip that goes across the bottom of your TV NCAA Men's scores. Very nerve racking to say the least during such a close game. ESPN News finally covered it live with 3 minutes remaining. But then they had to break away for another game too that was close. So I actually got to see about 1 minute of the last 3 minutes. The games that were on ESPN were a Texas game that I'm sure drew a huge rating and some other low key event on ESPNU. The same scenario comes up Thursday night for the NC State game in Cameron and the Boston College one Feb. 24th but I am going to those. That doesn't help people who can't get to the games or live entirely so far away it is impossible. I guess we should be lucky we see as many Duke games televised as we do. Rick

Hi Guys,

As a displaced Duke fan, I am one of the unfortunates to whom you refer in the recent post (although I'm not sure what is meant by "slingbox" -- I'll Google it, forthwith!). I've been a Duke fan since birth (1969), when my Dad was a Duke student, and I remember the Bill Foster years vividly.

Since moving to Texas in 2005, I've been lucky that most Duke b-ball games are on national TV. With the rise of the ACC network, this has taken some from me, but I was able to watch the game streaming on That's how I cope. (Also, I get the Bob Harris radio-feed through, but I mostly use that for football season.)

Rob Tally

I watched the Duke-Wake game on espn3 on the internet. it was almost as good as on tv.

Jim Ackerman

You asked how Duke fans outside of the Triangle watch Duke games. Most of your readers at least live in the US, so while their area may not televise every Duke game, at least they get most of the Duke games when Duke is ranked high in the polls. I live in Hong Kong, so we do not get any Duke games on TV period. I signed up for an account with Inside Access. I usually watch the games on archive 1 or 2 days late because of the time zone difference. But it is interesting to note that you can't find the Duke-Miami game in the archives; I am not sure if that was intentional on the part of the administrators.

Paul Cho

Living in New Jersey I get my games by ESPN because everybody LOVES Duke. On the rare occasion where its not on ESPN I try ESPN3 which is offered by my cable company. I watched the Wednesday game on ESPN3. Last year the Madison Square Garden network purchased broadcast rights to the Sunday evening games but those don't seem to be happening this year.

Living in Durham North (New York city metro) we get pretty good coverage. Not to mention an almost annual visit to The Garden or the Izod Center in NJ.

Warren Lapp

Regarding the posted article about viewing games outside the ACC area:

My son lives in Jacksonville, Florida. The Duke-Wake game Wednesday was on the ACC network so he was forced to watch Florida State. However, he found that the Duke-Wake game was broadcast on ESPN 3. I don't know if that is always the case, but it was on Wednesday. I learned also that the ACC website makes at least some of its televised games available on that site. The cost of the whole season is very inexpensive. The website offers other information about viewing, and it has a game tracker, as does ESPN. The game tracker is far better than not being able to keep up with a game at all. I live in Gastonia, and radio coverage is nearly non-existent here. But, every game is available to listen to on Sirius/XM radio. You might also try using Skype with the camera pointed at the television. I haven't tried that but it would probably work, certainly better than nothing.

I used to tape games and mail copies of special ones, usually against Carolina, to folks on the bulletin board who otherwise had not been able to see them. That was in the late 90's and since then ESPN coverage has pretty much eliminated the need for that. I would be happy to help anyone who wants to send a sling box to me. I can also record games and convert them to DVD although the picture quality is only analog not HD. I will be happy to help anyone I can. I have always taken the position that since I am blessed enough to live where I can see virtually ALL of our games on TV that it is only fair that I help out Duke fans who live where they cannot.

Please understand that I did not go to Duke. I had family who attended but eventually graduated from other institutions. My son was accepted at Duke and Wake but for financial reasons chose to go to Carolina. Nonetheless, we are BOTH diehard Duke fans (he wore his Duke shirt under his Carolina shirt to avoid skirmishes in school) and big DBR fans. I'm all for helping fellow Duke fans to be able to see games.

Richard Abernethy

Thought we'd provide some insight on your post from today. We're able to get Duke games only shown on the ACC Network by adding ESPN Full Court to our Directv package. This essentially gets us almost every regular season game each season. Other than having to buy a lot of games we may not watch, the only downside is that the games are usually not delivered in HD (Wed night's Wake game a good example). The commentary (especially having G-Man on broadcasts) is a major upgrade from having to listen to Billy Packer every week when we were still living in NC in the early 80's! :)

We love your site.

Dan Richards (MBA '80)

Chris Richards (JD '79)

Just saw your link on the front page about Duke fans who live elsewhere. I'm Duke Divinity Class of '02, and I've lived in the UK since I graduated. I've had to be creative about finding ways to get the basketball fix. When I moved here, my family used to videotape the games and ship a couple videos at a time. Now that's love. :-) Also, not practical or useful any more. Ten years ago, I used to listen to a streamed radio station, though I can't find a radio live stream any more.

My options are:

ESPN America--subscription channel. If the game is ESPN broadcast, it's often on ESPN America. Sometimes, since the game is usually in the wee

small hours here, the game is occasionally re-broadcast the next day if one does not have recording facilities.

Slingbox--my family live in the Baltimore, MD area. Some years ago for Christmas, they got me a slingbox, which has been fantastic. If one lived outside the US, I'd recommend shipping the money rather than the slingbox itself to a trusted friend. live streaming site, free. Hit and miss with whether the game is being streamed, but more often than not. as some mentioned in the WF pre-game thread, one must be a bit savvy and careful about using that site

And if all else fails, sometimes an ESPN Fullcourt monthly subscription in Jan-March.

Thanks for such a fabulous site. I'm not a board contributor, but I'm an avid reader of articles and boards. Don't know where I'd be without DBR!

Best wishes,


You asked how distant fans watch?

I live in Ontario, around Niagara Falls, and don't even get ESPN. So, I have to be resourceful and use or to view on live.

Sadly, I've never been to a game either. Would love to take a trip to Mecca, but it's currently not in the budget. Can you spare a fan a ticket? Question: is it even possible to scalp tickets outside?

Thanks for keeping me informed.



I watch on ESPN3 (or Watch ESPN app). I have an apple TV, so I stream from my phone or ipad to that and can watch it on my tv. Works ok, but quality can lag at times. I've considered getting a slingbox for just that reason. Only issue is you are relying on the other person all the time (if they want to start later or watch something else while you want to watch, you have to wait).

When games aren't on ESPN3, I try to find a stream on the internet, but that hasn't happened much lately. I'm waiting for Duke or the ACC to make its own, subscribe-able channel so I can cancel the rest of cable. Duke hoops is the only reason I need cable anymore.

Chris Heery (Maryland, just outside of DC)

As far as I know ACCN is not available in the Washington DC area. I watch the games we can't get on TV via ESPN3 on a computer monitor.

Don Frederick

I get DirecTV which carries all the ESPNs. ESPN carries almost all of them - I subscribe to their College Basketball package too (Full Court), just to be sure, but honestly almost all Duke games are on ESPN/ESPN2/ESPNU/ESPN3 - so I maybe should cancel fullcourt.

Also you can watch online through ESPN3 if your Internet company is one of the approved ones....


I WatchESPN app on my iPad.

John Palmer

Used the 7.99 option on the ACC app on my iPad for the wake game Worked great, a few dropouts but at least I got it.


Most of the games that are on the ACC network are also on ESPN3 out of area.

Sent from my iPad

Carl Lyon

Re watching Duke games. We watch the majority on DirecTV, and we have the extra sports package that gets the channels in the 600+ range. Do not have the college basketball package, so the Wake game was the odd ball.

The Wake game threw us a curve. Watched it on the laptop via ESPN3. My son did the same, but projected it onto his wide screen tv.

You guys have a great website. Check it every day.

Tucker Wells

Re Duke fans living elsewhere: simplest way to watch is via the (free) Watch ESPN app, where you just click on the game score, and they typically have a link to a Watch Live streaming connection. Only trick is whether your cable company participates - mine, Cox, just joined up!

Sent from my iPhone

Re Duke fans living elsewhere: simplest way to watch is via the (free) Watch ESPN app, where you just click on the game score, and they typically have a link to a Watch Live streaming connection. Only trick is whether your cable company participates - mine, Cox, just joined up!

Sent from my iPhone

Bob Spencer

I live in Central Florida.

Games not on ESPN/espn2/CBS I sometimes get on ESPN3. They block a lot of Duke games in the SE, especially those on ESPNU (where the U stands for unavailable).

We have a couple of local cable outlets that broadcast games on the ACCN. If not, the ACC website shows the games live. It takes a bit of work to locate the game. They need to do a better job of making it easier to find the live broadcasts on their site.

When I have no TV, I listen on Duke's All-Access subscription service. The Duke announcers are still the best at doing the play-by-play…and most informative. That goes for women's basketball as well.

I just wish their audio would sync up with the TV.

Perhaps you guys could provide links to games streamed on cable.

Best regards,

Ken Van Durand

I live in California now and I also spent the last two years in China. I haven't missed a single game that I couldn't absolutely get. But almost all games are available on ESPN3. There are usually only one or two games in any given season that I can't watch that way. For instance, the @Wake game was only available on ESPN3 this week.

We are lucky to be Duke fans and not East BFE State University fans because most games are televised in some way and ESPN3 almost always gets the rights, unless they are on CBS, in which case that is also available.

Eric Lange

Y'all posted something asking how those of us who live away from "basketball paradise" get the duke games. First of all, it is rare that a duke game is not on tv. Even the wake game from last weekend was on the local station here in Topeka, KS, WIBW. However, when I can't find a game on tv, I use this site: .

I use this site for pretty much any sporting event that I can't get on tv. Anyways...FYI.

Jeff Wilson