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Pot, Meet Kettle

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For the most part we've learned to ignore Gregg Doyel. He makes his living, basically, by pissing people off and he's pretty upfront about it.

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You might even call it being divisive.

Which makes his column on Tim Tebow ridiculous.

We're kind of detached from football these days. Just doesn't excite us as much as it used to. So we never followed Tim Tebow that closely, although we know the basics.

As far as it goes, Doyel is probably right about Tebow being stupid to have anything to do with a minister named Robert Jeffress.

But what bugs us is that after years of throwing bombs himself, of being belligerent to both the people he covers and those who read his bilge, Doyel now is worked up about  Tebow associating himself with a guy who appears to be full of rage and hate.

Well, what is Doyel except a sports version of the same thing? He's spiteful and ugly and unforgiving. The idea that he is qualified to pass judgement on his fellow travelers is a bit much to take.