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ACC Roundup

You have to feel a bit bad for Clemson. They did everything but make the last basket against Miami. As a matter of fact, they missed a number of chances to nail down a victory over Miami: KJ McDaniels missed a free throw, Milton Jennings made a foolish pass, although Miami fouled, Rod Hall charged on a layup, then missed the final shot and McDaniels missed the follow.

No Monday Games
Sunday's Result
  • Miami 45, Clemson 43
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Miami 12-0 1.000 21-3 .875
Duke 9-3 .750 22-3 .880
Virginia 8-4 .667 18-7 .720
NC State 7-5 .583 18-7 .720
North Carolina 7-5 .583 17-8 .680
Maryland 6-6 .500 18-7 .720
Florida State 6-6 .500 14-11 .560
Clemson 5-8 .385 13-12 .520
Georgia Tech 4-8 .333 14-10 .583
Wake Forest 4-9 .308 11-14 .440
Boston College 3-9 .250 11-14 .440
Virginia Tech 2-10 .167 11-14 .440

Still, despite having a very young team with no particular offensive threat, Clemson nearly knocked off the #3 team in the country. That's something to remember and judge your potential by.

Clemson held Miami to 34.6%; Durand Scott and Shane Larkin were 3-16. Reggie Johnson was a non-factor. Clemson is tough in Littlejohn, to say the least, and with Brad Brownell's defensive focus, life is that much more miserable for opponents.

Virginia's Darion Atkins has had a miserable year thanks to injury, but he's finally getting his groove back.

As the N&O's Caulton Tudor retires - the second area columnist to retire during the season after Lenox Rawlings - he posts three of his best memories from his 44-year career.