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ACC Roundup

In Saturday's ACC action, we have what look to be three relative snoozers in BC at FSU, Georgia Tech at Wake Forest and Virginia Tech at State.

The live wire figures to be Virginia at UNC.

Who knows if he'll stick with it - he was kind of prickly when asked - but Roy Williams found a lot of success by abandoning the traditional UNC dual big man approach. You can't really call it a high-low post, not with the guys they have, but that's what UNC prefers.

Saturday's ACC Action
Teams Times TV
Virginia @ North Carolina 12:00 PM ACC Network
Boston College @ Florida State 12:00 PM ACC Network
Georgia Tech @ Wake Forest 2:00 PM RSN
Virginia Tech @ NC State 2:00 PM ESPN2
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Miami 11-0 1.000 20-3 .870
Duke 9-2 .818 22-2 .917
Virginia 8-3 .727 18-6 .750
NC State 6-5 .545 17-7 .708
North Carolina 6-5 .545 16-8 .667
Maryland 5-6 .455 17-7 .708
Florida State 5-6 .455 13-11 .542
Clemson 5-7 .417 13-11 .542
Wake Forest 4-8 .333 11-13 .458
Georgia Tech 3-8 .273 13-10 .565
Boston College 3-8 .273 11-13 .458
Virginia Tech 2-9 .182 11-13 .458

Surrounding James Michael McAdoo with four perimeter players worked out pretty well, although it's hard to say what will happen against Virginia. There's no one else in the ACC quite like them, and at this point, we think everyone understands that Tony Bennett is the real deal coaching wise.

Virginia has gone to a different lineup as well in light of injuries and illness. Against Virginia Tech they started Akil Mitchell, Jontel Evans, Joe Harris, Paul Jesperson and Justin Anderson.

Mitchell is 6-8, Harris, Jesperson and Anderson 6-6, while Evans is a traditional point guard at 5-11.

It's really interesting that both teams have gone to their respective lineups, although Virginia had few choices.

Which innovation will prevail? Stay tuned.

BC has shown enough flashes to make everyone wary. They've given Duke, Miami and State great games, although at home. They beat Florida State last year, when they were really good.

Last year, they finished at 9-22; this year, they're sitting at 11-13. That's progress. Pretty soon they might even beat Harvard again.

We would hope Wake would beat Georgia Tech at home, given Tech's weak offense and erratic performance to date.

Unfortunately that applies equally to Wake Forest.

And as far as Virginia Tech goes, we have a lot of respect for what they've done this year. It's been challenging, to say the least, and the Hokies have almost always been competitive.

That said, we'd be surprised if they won in Raleigh. They simply don't have answers for Richard Howell and CJ Leslie.

It's probably not a surprise at this point, but Clemson is looking into replacing Littlejohn Coliseum. By now, everyone should have an idea of how to get this wrong. The Dean Dome is too big, so is the PNC, plus it's off-campus.

Maryland and Georgia Tech got it right: beautiful, polished arenas, not so big that you'll have lots of empty seats and convenient to students.