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ACC Roundup

The ACC, State and Florida State are missing a great marketing opportunity: somebody should portray Michael Snaer and Scott Wood as Wild West shootists.

No Monday Games
Sunday's Results
  • NC State 58, Clemson 57
  • Virginia 80, Maryland 69
School Conf. Pct. Overall Pct.
Miami 10-0 1.000 19-3 .864
Duke 8-2 .800 21-2 .913
Virginia 7-3 .700 17-6 .739
North Carolina 6-4 .600 16-7 .696
NC State 6-5 .545 17-7 .708
Florida State 5-5 .500 13-10 .565
Maryland 5-6 .455 17-7 .708
Clemson 4-7 .364 12-11 .522
Wake Forest 4-7 .364 11-12 .478
Georgia Tech 3-7 .300 13-9 .591
Virginia Tech 2-8 .200 11-12 .478
Boston College 2-8 .200 10-13 .435

High Noon, you know: the guys who are able to take anyone down at a moment's notice.

Snaer has done it on a regular basis; on Sunday, it was Wood's turn:

Down a basket to Clemson, Wood cut to the basket then went back to the side and nailed a three in front of his own bench with just one second left.

That he could have been called for pushing off on Clemson's Rod Hall will matter a lot to Clemson fans, but doesn't take away from the clutch nature of the shot. It was tremendous.

Snaer of course has made hitting game-winners something of a hobby. They'll face off on the 19th.

It's a tough loss for Clemson, of course, coming on the heels of a terrible loss to Virginia. The Tigers did a lot to restore their self-respect but it's bound to be a devastating loss.

Second straight, come to think of it.

By the way, the more we see of KJ McDaniels, the more awed we are by his athleticism. He's off the charts. If he can develop all aspects of his game, he has a long NBA future ahead.

Maryland had a tough loss as well, as the Terps never really showed up and Virginia had an easy afternoon. They couldn't even taunt Justin Anderson, who was going to be a Terp until Gary Williams retired: Anderson finished with 17 points and nine boards, topping every Terp in both categories.

Mark Turgeon said he wanted to give credit to Virginia, then ran off an impressive list of excuses which reminded us of Joliet Jake begging Carrie Fisher for mercy in The Blues Brothers: "We bounced around with the snow. There was a wreck on the highway. Haven’t had a bye. [Virginia’s players] were home sleeping. You look around the country, teams get tired. Maybe we were tired."


Virginia shot 11-19 from three point range for nearly 58% and 54.2% overall.

Maryland just couldn't figure the defense out and this is not a great shooting team anyway. Now, unfortunately, Alex Len is taking a lot of the blame.

But a steady outside presence would make his life a lot easier. Everyone's, actually. Put Snaer on this team and it's potentially Top 10.