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Football T-Shirts!

We thought we'd celebrate a great season with a fun new shirt. We hope you like it!

Our State now!
Our State now!

The Florida State game was a bit of a downer, but nothing really takes the pleasure out of this football season. Duke had a great year. And now that the regular season is over, it's time to settle the argument the Heels and the Pack had earlier, and there's really no other answer: it's Our State.

And in the time-honored Triangle tradition of rubbing your neighbor's nose in it, what better way to celebrate than with a crisp new T-shirt? Do your bit to crank the intensity up for next fall! And whatever a UNC or State fan says to you, you just say back, "well it's Cut Country now." You can even go Jesse Pinkman on them if you feel puckish.

By the way, our shirt design is by Jason Robichau, who has made so many remarkable works of art about Duke basketball.

You can hit the first link above or get there right here.

Update - we had some trouble with the link earlier but it seems to be working again.