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ACC Roundup

Maryland loses a game the Terps should never lose, while Virginia Tech claims first place in the ACC, for a little while, anyway.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard that George Washington is much improved, but honestly it never occurred to us that the Colonials could beat Maryland, much less have a second-half 14 point lead.

Maryland came back after Mark Turgeon called for a press and Maryland tied the game before Indiana transfer Maurice Creek hit a cold-blooded 18-footer to seal the win.

He actually argued in the huddle and demanded the ball. Pretty cool stuff.

Maryland falls to just 5-4 with losses to GW, Ohio State, Oregon State and UConn.

Here's Creek's moment of glory. Kind of funny when you think about it: a Big Ten washout beat a Big Ten Wannabe.

For whatever it's worth, only Duke, Pitt, Syracuse, NC State, Virginia Tech, Clemson, and Wake Forest head into the holidays with two or fewer losses.

Syracuse is undefeated as is Pitt, but Pitt's record is suspect as they haven't played anyone meaningful yet.

Speaking of Pitt, in this list of the 25 best paid coaches, Jamie Dixon is #24. Jim Boeheim is #21, Mark Gottfried #19, and that's it for the non-Durham part of the ACC.

So where does that leave Ol' Roy Williams? Is he truly not one of the Top 25 best paid coaches in America? That's bizarre if true.

The ACC part will change next year: Rick Pitino is making $5 million with Louisville. Coach K is tops at $7.2 million.

Conference play kicked off Sunday with Virginia Tech visiting Miami and stealing a win, a la GW.

Jarrell Eddie, who's done yeoman work for Virginia Tech so far, hit a jumper with 17 seconds left. Garrius Adams split a pair of free throws and the Hokies flew home happy.

Is BC the biggest disappointment in the ACC so far? Well, it might be Maryland, but if not, it's likely the Eagles.

They fell again, this time to USC in New Dunk City (that actually sounds better than Dunk City), 78-62.

For some reason - we don't know why yet - Olivier Hanlan was benched. He still played 29 minutes, but didn't start.

Know how Leonard Hamilton loves to have a really big man in the middle? This year it looks like it's going to be Boris "Badenov" Bojanovsky, a 7-3 native of the Slovak Republic.

Don't look now, but Bojanovsky is starting to play like moose! He's had solid games against Michigan, Florida, Minnesota and now Jacksonville State.

The young big man finished with 15 points, four blocks and a pair or rebounds.

He's not a great rebounder so far, but anyone who wants to get better can. Rebounding isn't rocket science.

FSU held the Gamecocks (that doesn't seem right but then again neither do the Central Connecticut Blue Devils, but what can you do?) to 38.5% and forced 15 turnovers.

Remember Allan Chaney? He started at Florida before transferring to Virginia Tech but wasn't allowed to continue due to a heart problem.

High Point was willing to let him play, but after an issue a few days ago where he looked like he fainted or worse, he decided to call it quits.

Probably a good decision. As Reggie Lewis and Hank Gathers taught us, you need to listen to your doctors.

Only one game on Monday as Notre Dame hosts Bryant. It should be a gimme, but given how the Irish have flailed lately, we wouldn't rule anything out.