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Laura Keely On Sulaimon, Plumlee And Distorted Stats

It was worse than it looked for Michigan

Marshall Plumlee Looks Ready To Send This One Back To East Lansing
Marshall Plumlee Looks Ready To Send This One Back To East Lansing
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Laura Keely's N&O column from Wednesday had a number of interesting points, not least of all Tyler Thornton and Andre Dawkins calling out/encouraging Rasheed Sulaimon, who didn't get off the bench in the Michigan game.


"As a man, he has to step up and accept what he needs to do. We need him. That’s all I can really say about that. He knows what he needs to do, I don’t really want to speak on that. He have a week and a half until our next game. We have a lot of practice time. Hopefully we can get what we need out of him in that span."


"It’s basketball. I’ve had a DNP already this year. Everybody who plays the shooting guard, Matt (Jones), Sheed, myself, has had a DNP. That’s what happens when you have this deep of a team, sometimes guys just aren’t going to play. It doesn’t mean we don’t need him to be good or to help us out. He’s just got to get back to work in practice and try to get better."

And most tellingly, Coach K after the Davidson game: "[Rasheed] is finally in good shape."

She also touches on Marshall Plumlee's highly encouraging play against Michigan and how the stats were distorted at the end of the game. Good stuff.