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Brandon Connette Returns

Mother's health more stable, Connette joins team in Atlanta

Brandon Connette's teammates will be happy to see him back
Brandon Connette's teammates will be happy to see him back
Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Here's a double dose of good news: Brandon Connette is back practicing with Duke football and better than that, his mother survived emergency surgery for a brain tumor and is gradually recovering.

Not that it was easy. She lost a ton of blood during the operation and had a stroke. She has a lot of issues to overcome in other words, and now a chance to do it.

Duke, the university and the football team, offered a lot of support. The most touching part of this story from that point of view is the mention of fellow quarterback Anthony Boone. No one asked or told him to, but Boone went and packed up Connette's things and got them to Atlanta.

One of the really striking things about this team is the unity it has established. A group of guys who really stick together can overcome great odds.

You can look at Georgia Tech over Alabama in 1981, James Madison over Virginia Tech in 2010, Boise State shocking Oklahoma in 2006 and  Temple over the Hokies in 1998. But most of all you can look at Appalachian over Michigan, at Michigan, in 2007. After that, there is no such thing as impossible in college football anymore.

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