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Jerian Grant Has A Resource To Return To Notre Dame

Kyle McAlarney has walked a similar road

Jerian Grant is looking to rebound at Notre Dame
Jerian Grant is looking to rebound at Notre Dame
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

As you probably know, Notre Dame's Jerian Grant was suspended and forced to withdraw from school, and while the school can't legally say why due to privacy laws, the severity of the penalty makes it pretty clear that it was a serious academic violation.

Coach Mike Brey is pointing to a previous situation with Kyle McAlarney as inspiration for Grant as he prepares to return to Notre Dame next season.

McAlarney was suspended after being arrested for marijuana possession, so the situations aren't exactly the same, but close enough. It's not easy to come back and, for lack of a better word, rehab yourself. That's what Grant intends to do, though, so good for him.