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Theo Pinson, Okafor Sr., Lay Claim To Next Year's Title

A bit audacious perhaps.

UNC-bound Theo Pinson is a very confident young player
UNC-bound Theo Pinson is a very confident young player

Tar Heel recruit Theo Pinson thinks that UNC is destined to win the national championship next season: “Our only goal is to win a national championship next year. You can tell from this year, they are top 15 in the nation preseason. They just need a couple more guards and a wing, and that’s what we’ve got coming, so we’re going to do our best.”

Possibly. Certainly UNC could have used some help this season, and the incoming class could have provided it. Pinson in particular has the potential to be great.

Young players, though, always underestimate the difficulty of winning the title.

So, too, do some dads.

Chuck Okafor has also pre-emptively claimed the national title for Duke, saying that “[f]irst of all, we know they have a talented group going to Duke next year. Their model should be national championship or bust. With the legend of Coach K and the kids that he has there now and the ones he’s bringing in, I see nothing but a national championship.”

We'd like to think so too, but the odds against even a prohibitive favorite winning are daunting, to say the least.

Speaking of UNC, Raymond Felton's nephew Jakin has emerged as a major target, and the 6-4 point guard says that UNC is going to be tough to beat.