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Miles Plumlee Surging For Phoenix

The young big man is coming on fast.

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Laker Pau Gasol can't keep up with the Sun's Miles Plumlee
Laker Pau Gasol can't keep up with the Sun's Miles Plumlee
Christian Petersen

You know what's really cool? Watching Miles Plumlee improve by leaps and bounds in his second NBA season.

So check this out: Miles pulled down 20 boards against the Lakers and tossed in 17 points as well.

Not that it's quite as relevant, but Plumlee also gave Pau Gasol a nasty cut around the eye. And what was really interesting is how he did it: Gasol faked, started to drive and ran his face into Plumlee's.

Didn't even faze Plumlee, who ran downcourt. The best part of this clip is watching Gasol mouth off at Plumlee. We got the feeling he was cursing him pretty heavily, though perhaps in Spanish.

By the way, remember all the criticism Duke took for having Wojo coach the big men, how he simply couldn't instruct big men without being one himself?

Well, two Plumlees coming along well in the NBA, Lance Thomas succeeding in spite of not being drafted, and the rather dramatic improvement shown by Brian Zoubek during his senior year suggest he's doing a great job.