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Collins Lands Key Recruit For Northwestern

A good point guard can make all the difference in the world

Chris Collins has recruited well for Northwestern
Chris Collins has recruited well for Northwestern
Liz Condo-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern has struggled in basketball, well, forever. And it's not like the school has always had lousy coaches. Tex Winter, inventor of the Triangle,  coached there in the '70s. Bill Foster, who had succeeded at Rutgers, Utah and Duke, couldn't get it done at Northwestern. Same for Bill Carmody.

So Chris Collins knows what he needs: players.

He's getting them. Earlier you may recall he won a commitment from Vic Law (#17 SF). He's also bringing in 6-4 Bryant McIntosh (#30 SG), 6-9 Gavin Skelly, 6-6 Scott Lindsey and now 6-0 Johnnie Vassar. Rankings are by Scout, by the way, for what that's worth.