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ACC Roundup

What a bad weekend for the Irish.

Jerian Grant is no longer part of Notre Dame's team
Jerian Grant is no longer part of Notre Dame's team
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Has there ever been a more deflating two-day period for Notre Dame basketball? We can't think of one.

First, with an eight point lead in hand, Notre Dame utterly collapsed against in the final minute against Ohio State Saturday. Then on Sunday, star Jerian Grant withdrew from school after academic violations. He issued a statement to announce his suspension and it actually sounds like he wrote most of it, unlike most situations of this sort. Remember when Makhtar Ndjaiye disagreed with the statement UNC released about his troubles? Classic.

So credit to Grant on that score. No credit though for leaving his teammates high and dry. In his statement he said "I am confident that they will have great success for the remainder of the season."

That remains to be seen. Grant was averaging 35.6 minutes, 19 ppg, 6.2 apg and two steals. He was hitting 51.8% from the floor and 40.8% from three point range.

He's going to be really hard to replace.

Mike Brey will address the situation Monday during the ACC coaches teleconference.

It's been a tough weekend for the former Duke assistant, but it hasn't been much easier for Mark Turgeon.

After Sunday's hit by the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun lined up for their whack at the Turgeon pinyata.

Though more sympathetic, Don Marcus still was sharply critical, pointedly criticizing Turgeon's team for "C" issues including Crisis, Cohesiveness and Center.

Maryland has long had a brutal relationship with the local press. You may remember Gary Williams having his issues and the Post making the case for his removal in his later years.

It could get worse before it gets better.

That might happen at BC too. We honestly thought BC had turned a corner last year but the Eagles seemed to have slipped. Latest loss: Auburn, where former Virginia guard KT Harrell scored 28 to lead the Tigers.

It's a dreary season for BC and time to fix things is running low.

Miami beat LaSalle to move to 7-5 on the season. Rion Brown had 17.

Unlike BC or Maryland, you can see progress at Miami. This year is never going to be easy for the 'Canes, but the team is playing much better.  That's down to good coaching.

Only one game Monday as the Cavs take on Norfolk State in Charlottesville.