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Aggies Are A Bit Full Of Themselves

The cockiness is getting rather intense.

The Aggies expect a Mickey Mouse opponent but the Devils may have another idea
The Aggies expect a Mickey Mouse opponent but the Devils may have another idea

We know that the national perception of Duke football, despite a great year,  is not that hot.

Partly that's because football has struggled for so long and partly it's a carry over from the Duke-as-basketball-school thing.

Still, we just get a sense from Texas A&M fans that they don't feel they need to take Duke seriously at all.

Not even a little bit. Check this passage out:

"Duke wins the coin-toss, marking the high point of the Blue Devils' New Year's Eve. Bertolet line-drives the kickoff so hard that 3 Duke special teams players are taken in for medical evaluation after being football-kabobbed into the wall of the Georgia Dome. On the very next play Nate Askew causes a safety by shooting lasers from his eyes until the Duke offense just runs out the back of the end zone for a safety."

They did mention the FSU game, but missed a few things. First: Florida State is a truly great team and no one has come close to them. BC lost by 14, 48-34. Otherwise, the Seminoles crushed everyone, including Clemson, Miami and Florida.

Duke stayed with Florida State for about 20 minutes. Moreover, even after it became clear that FSU was on completely different level, Duke still competed. Some of the hits the Blue Devils put on Florida State were just brutal.

We hope that everyone down in AggieLand has this attitude, and most especially the football team. We hope Johnny Manziel figures all he has to do is to show up and Duke will give up without trying.

It's totally fine with us if Duke is underestimated and disregarded. Let it continue, and thanks to the authors for their contribution to possible overconfidence.

We also hope someone gets this post over to the football office because we have a funny feeling it'll work its way to the team bulletin board.