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Jim Boeheim Stirs Things Up In The New ACC

Jim Boeheim is nearly as good at manipulating the media as the extraordinarily gifted Steve Spurrier.

"What can I do to stir the rubes up today? Hmmm...."
"What can I do to stir the rubes up today? Hmmm...."
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

So obviously there had to be a downside to Syracuse being in the ACC, aside from the weather: Jim Boeheim's mouth.

On the one hand, it's going to crank things up. On the other, you have his tendency to take whacks at various things like, for instance, having to play in Greensboro.

Earlier this year he expressed his distaste for the food available during the tournament; now he's on to the NCAA tournament having regionals in Greensboro at all which, he says, is responsible for Duke and UNC getting to so many Final Fours.

We don't have a list of all the regionals over the years in front of us, but we do seem to remember several coming from other cities.

Here's an alternative question: during Boeheim's career, Syracuse has gone out in either the first or second round twelve times and been to the NIT six times. And if the theory of playing near home is valid, then why, since 1979, with the Big East tourney in Madison Square Garden, did Syracuse win just five titles?

Boeheim is great at stirring things up, but quite often he just seems to enjoy shooting his mouth off. On the bright side, it does tend to liven things up.

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