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Roy Williams Rents To Former Player, Gets Burned

Not the best decision the man has made lately.

Roy Williams may be regretting his choice of tenants
Roy Williams may be regretting his choice of tenants
Kelly Lambert-USA TODAY Sports

More interesting times at UNC as former player Will Graves was arrested for possession of marijuana.

No big deal in and of itself, but his landlord is Roy Williams.

That's right, the UNC coach rented to his former player, a guy who was widely rumored to have  lost his spot on the team to failed drug tests - and don't forget PJ Hairston's situation either.

Assuming that Graves did in fact fail drug tests while on the UNC team, Williams then rented to a known drug user.

Now let's be clear: first, drug laws, by and large, are a waste of time. Locking someone up for abusing their own body is monumentally stupid.

However, the law is the law and Williams, knowing that one player was already in trouble for pot and that his former may also be a user, was foolish to rent to him.

Just the act of renting to a former player is in and of itself dumb, but one with a checkered past? Incomprehensible.

Coincidentally, marijuana is often used to treat symptoms of Graves Disease. The former player may not have it, but we're starting to wonder about the coach.