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Nicole Auerbach On Parker vs. Hill Comparison

As far as we can tell, there's really no one quite like Jabari Parker.

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Jabari Parker drives on Alabama's Shannon Hale
Jabari Parker drives on Alabama's Shannon Hale
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Nicole Auerbach of USA Today took on the Jabari Parker-Grant Hill comparison and asked Hill his opinion. But the best answer came from Coach K:

"There are some (similarities). First of all, the type of young man they are. Exquisite. Great parents. Strong values. Good student. Team guy. A lot of comparisons in that regard.

"As far as a player, they're different players – even though they keep showing his dunk. Grant was more of a guard. Jabari could actually play everywhere. Grant was not an inside player. Grant is the most graceful player I coached in college. Jabari could end up being very powerful. He has grace, don't get me wrong, but Jabari is bigger than Grant."

Comparisons are always a bit ridiculous, but if we had to make one here, who would it be? It'd have to be a frontcourt player, a guy with immense versatility, an accurate shooter from three point range, a very savvy passer, can match Danny Ferry on a lot of that, but not powerful. Same for Mike Dunleavy.

We're not buying the Carmelo Anthony comparison either. The shooting and size we can see, but Anthony is a much more limited player.

This has really flummoxed us, but here's one out of left field: Dan Majerle.

Majerle was a bit smaller at 6-6, but he was also very versatile. He could shoot, pass and play all over the court.

The other name which occurred to us, but perhaps it's too soon: Rick Barry.

Barry was Larry Bird before Bird and with less flair but the all-around command of the game. He could shoot, pass, handle the ball, run the break, you name it.

One hopes that Parker is not as roundly disliked, however. Not many people liked Barry, and that included a lot of his teammates.

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