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Football Not Getting Much Respect Prior To The A&M Game

So far Duke's not being given much respect or much of a chance in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

To judge by the media, Duke isn't getting a lot of respect.
To judge by the media, Duke isn't getting a lot of respect.
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Looks like Duke is getting a lot of skepticism going into the game with Texas A&M. Check out these comments from the Dallas paper:

Tom Fornelli, CBS Sports: "I’m not sure how great of a matchup this actually is, but I wanted to give the ACC some props for fighting for Duke here and helping them get the bowl it deserves. As for Texas A&M, well, this could be the last time we see Johnny Football running around for the Aggies. That’s worth tuning in for."

Mike Huguenin, "Johnny Manziel makes what almost certainly will be his final college appearance, and on New Year’s Eve. That’s appropriate, don’t you think? It will be against Duke, and you can supply your own snark for that one."

Graham Watson, Yahoo: "This will probably be the last game for Johnny Football and it should be a good one. Duke has had a fantastic season, but they haven’t played an SEC-type schedule. Manziel should be able to leave college football on a very high note."

Here's Robert Cessna from the The Bryan-College Station Eagle: "The Chick-fil-A Bowl folks are banking on the Aggies and others to watch or attend their game even if on the surface A&M vs. Duke doesn't do much for you."

Some of the Texans who are clearly dismissing Duke about three weeks before the game should pay attention to what David Cutcliffe says:

"It was a tough locker room, this team doesn’t like to lose. The invitation to the Chick-fil-A Bowl is the perfect medicine [for us]. To play a team with the reputation and the history and tradition in football Texas A&M has, to play against the caliber of team will revive our guys quickly. It didn’t go like we wanted to [against Florida State], but as Kevin mentioned, the nation [will be] watching, so you put your best foot forward."

There's no doubt FSU put a hurting on Duke. But people should also consider how hard Duke played, beginning in a highly competitive first quarter but continuing throughout. Florida State won, obviously. We're willing to bet though that a number of Seminoles woke up the next day more sore than they ever expected to be.

Speaking of the Aggies, you'll remember that Texas A&M left the Big 12 in high dudgeon, greatly angered by the Longhorn Network, which was supposed to give UT a massive cash and recruiting advantage.

Things sure do change.

The Aggies came up with one of the most entertaining football players in years in Johnny Manziel and have played at the very highest levels of college football.

Meanwhile, former UNC and App State coach Mack Brown has increasingly struggled at Texas. Complaining at one point about practices being put on the Longhorn Network for opponents to take notes.

Now, seemingly tired of it all, there are reports all over the place that he'll be resigning. One report has Texas offering Alabama's Nick Saban $100 million. The move has been rumored for months, but obviously there's no news yet.