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ACC Roundup

Things are looking up for Clemson, Wake finds a football coach while Notre Dame takes on North Dakota State.

K.J. McDaniels and Clemson appear to be playing at a higher level.
K.J. McDaniels and Clemson appear to be playing at a higher level.
Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

Don't look now, but at 7-2, Clemson is coming along nicely and probably exceeding expectations.

The losses are to #24 UMass and Arkansas. The Razorbacks are 6-2 with the losses coming to Cal and #11 Gonzaga.

With very winnable games coming up against Furman, Auburn, VMI and BC, Clemson could see early January at 10-2. That would be highly impressive.

Notre Dame has not been impressive lately but the Irish have a chance to do something about that against North Dakota State.

We can't keep up with all the conference moves, but the Bison are now in the Summit and we're pretty sure that's a recent development.

Notre Dame should win, but the thing is the western-most member of the ACC hasn't played very well lately. So you can't rule anything out.

With the holidays coming up and exams to boot, the number and quality of games are going to generally go down. That's not true for Notre Dame. After NDSU, the Irish will get Indiana, Ohio State, Canisius, Duke and the rest of the ACC.

In Winston-Salem, Ron Wellman has found his man as the Deacs hired Bowling Green's Dave Clawson.

Best of all, Clawson says he was excited about the chance to coach Wake Forest and that it's the job he wants. That'd be great for the Deacs. He's a promising young coach and if Wake can hang on to him, he has a chance to do something pretty cool.