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An Auction Worth Supporting

It's always nice to help out, especially near Christmas.

Matt Jones is excited. You should be too! It's a good cause.
Matt Jones is excited. You should be too! It's a good cause.
Rich Barnes

As you guys know, periodically we like to plug good deeds and good deed doers. In this case, it's an auction to benefit Duke Alums Engage NYC, including projects to provide medical screenings in central Harlem, establish a farmer's market to provide affordable fruits and vegetables, and run a basketball academy that teachers kids to make good life choices and helps their parents prepare the kids for college.

The auction is up at and runs through Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EST. As you'll see on the site, they have some great Duke items and New York experiences as well as other items that would make great holiday gifts. Here are some more details of what this auction will support:

  • The 4th Annual FREE Community Health & Fitness Day in Central Harlem on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 where DAENYC will provide free medical screenings (including mammograms), healthy living workshops for adults and a full day of sports activities and healthy cooking for 130+ children
  • Spearheading efforts to request GrowNYC open a Saturday morning Greenmarket at Dunlevy to provide access to affordable quality fruits and vegetables to encourage healthier eating habits and combat obesity
  • The 2nd Annual DukeNY Basketball Academy which provides skills training and life lessons about making good choices for 100+ kids and workshops for their parents about financial aid and preparing their kids for college
  • Monthly Saturday morning "Study Now, Play Later" volunteer events that includes educational projects, activities, crafts and more
  • Winter Wishes program which helps provide a happier holiday for the kids at Dunlevy Milbank

DAENYC's Free Community Health & Fitness Day last year helped a woman with an imminent risk of stroke receive immediate medical attention and based on her free mammogram, another woman was referred for further screening after finding a suspicious lump.  DAENYC received universal thanks and positive feedback from attendees for the workshops offered on women's health, developing an exercise routine, healthy eating and stress management and other topics. This year they look forward to adding workshops on conflict resolution, domestic violence, and job search skills.

Through their work with the kids at this Fitness Day as well the Basketball Academy and monthly volunteering  DAENYC is building relationships and helping them learn life lessons that may not always be available to them in their home and school situations.

Celebrate Duke's magnificent football season with a new shirt!